Woman Who Posted Photo without Head Scarf is Arrested

By : 13-Dec-2016
Saudi Arabian Woman,Arrested

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi police have arrested a young woman identified as Malak al-Shehri after sharing her picture on the social media. She was not wearing the mandatory (Abaya) the body-length robes and headscarf that women in the kingdom are required to wear while they are outdoors.

The young Arabian girl had posted her picture wearing her casual jacket and multi-coloured dress last month after announcing that she would leave her house without her Abaya.

Her tweet has caused a backlash in the highly conservative and religious country. She had picturized herself while standing confidently at the prime downtown of Al-Tahliya in the capital city of Riyadh. Few of the locals had immediately lodged a complaint with the police. The man who got her arrested even responded to her message and tweeted: “We demand the arrest of the rebel Angel Shehri.”

Malak al-Shehri, the bold and the beautiful girl in her 20s, was ultimately taken to prison. The Police had detained her when she was found removing her Abaya on Al-Tahliya Street, in Riyadh. She had challenged over the social media several days ago that she would one day break the outdated stereotypes and implement her dire act before the world.

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