Sealdah-Ajmer Express Derailed Near Kanpur

By : 28-Dec-2016
Sealdah-Ajmer, Express Derailed,Kanpur, Killing 2,

In the early hours of Wednesday, at around 5:20 Am, the Sealdah-Ajmer Express train derails near Kanpur, throwing 15 coaches of the train off the track. In this incident, according to the authorities, two people have been killed and 43 others have suffered injuries.

The Ministry of Railways tweeted in its account on the social media website Twitter that, Train no. 12987 Sealdah-Ajmer Express went off the tracks between Rura and Metha railway stations, about 50km from Kanpur.

This is the second major train derailment incident that occurred after the recent derailment of Indore-Patna express on November 20 in Dehat district of Kanpur in which 14 coaches of the train were thrown off the track killing 140 people and injuring more than 200 people.

While the 12987 Sealdah-Ajmer Express is crossing the bridge over a dry canal that is nearly 70 km away from Kanpur, in the dense fog of the early hours at around 5:30 Am, 15 coaches went off the track, of which two coaches dropped from the bridge and fell into the canal.

According to a report from a senior police officer Zaki Ahmed, 8 passengers that were brought out of the wreckage of derailed coaches were in critical condition and were immediately sent to the hospital for medical attention.

“Immediate medical help being provided to the injured. Mobilized resources,directed all concerned to ensure rescue and relief,” Railway Minister Prabhu tweeted.

He also tweeted, “Thorough investigation will be carried out to ascertain the cause.”

According to a passenger travelling in the derailed express train, Rizwan Chaudhary told media that, “Our coach tilted to one side. I jumped out and saw a few coaches were derailed.”

Railway Spoesperson, Anil Saxena told media that they are currently focusing on providing relief and rescue operations, and that a medical relief train has been sent to the accident site.

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