Top 5 selfie sticks for your smartphone

By : 15-May-2017
Top 5 selfie sticks for your smartphone

Never call a selfie stick ‘the slim stupid and the silly looking tourist gimmick’.

The selfie stick provides a path to trigger the distant image of yours or the object placed far in the vacuum. It enables you to take better selfie portraits of your own self. The selfie stick can be positioned farther away than the ideal length of the arms. The selfie stick’s clutch panel can accommodate iPhones and Android supported phones of various sizes. Its extended arm will, however, be made visible in the photo but with a bit of a practice, you will have an edge over the skill.

The Best Five Selfie Sticks For The Smartphone

1.Alaska Life ThrillPro

The Alaska Life ThrillPro is the stick manufactured for the adventurous people. It consists of a durable gear that is entirely waterproof selfie stick. The stick is proud to hold any smartphone under the 80 mm wide latch to click a professional looking hot-shots. It also comes in a mega tech GoPro Hero model.

2.Noot Selfie Stick

The stand alone selfie stick needs no Bluetooth and no companion app. It has no bottlenecks or issues pertaining to the battery. You can just plug into the included audio connection and rock the world shooting the selfies. Its solid structure prevents shaking or trembling during the filming and snapping. The stick comes with the expandable properties. The phone holder latch can grab all phones between the width of 2.2 inches and 3.34 inches.

3.Gorilla Gear Complete Selfie Kit

The relatively expensive Gorilla Gear Selfie Kit is designed for long hauling. This comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Gorilla Gear Complete Selfie Kit is not only compatible with most of the smartphones but also friendly with multipurpose action-oriented cameras and camcorders. The selfie kit is additionally included with a tripod and a Bluetooth remote shutter. The stick expands to a reasonable length making it more adjustable on your gentle hands.

4.Selfie World Cyclone Pro

The easily connectable Selfie World Cyclone Pro runs on a standard battery. It is built with a zero shutter lag. It is capable of taking HD videos, panorama shots, slow motion recordings and more. The wonderful Cyclone Pro is highly versatile as it is compatible with most camera apps and smartphones brands like Samsung, Nexus etc. It stretches to an extent of 32 inches for trouble imaging. So do purchase one as the philanthropic Cyclone Pro donates part of its profit to Sightsavers International, a charitable organization that focus on restoring sight to blinds.

5.Volsey Pocket VS1

If you own a selfie stick that is elongated and outdated then you may think of purchasing the advanced Pocket VS1. The industrious Volsey Pocket VS1 is designed to click the pictures within a flash second. It is foldable and can easily fit in your pocket or pouch. The stick runs on a battery that would last for 500 photos and has a built-in Bluetooth shutter near to the holder. It is smooth and compatible with every piece of smartphone.

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