Serial Rapist Arrested In Delhi

By : 18-Jan-2017
Serial Rapist Arrested In Delhi

Sunil Rastogi, aged 38 year old, who is taken into custody, last week on account of serial rapes by the Delhi police, is also a reckless father who did not even take care of his unwell daughter. Sunil along with his daughter and his brother in law arrived to Delhi-NCR to a relative’s home to take his daughter to a doctor in the city as she was feeling depressed and is suffering with fever.

However, in the morning after visiting, instead of taking his daughter to the hospital, he went outside saying he has some unfinished business with his acquaintances, and said he would return immediately in an hour and a half, after finishing the business. Though, the daughter waited for several hours the whole day for her father’s return, he did not turn up. The poor daughter of Sunil Rastogi went to the hospital for her treatment all by herself with no help from anyone.

The 35 year old Brother in law of Sunil Rastogi who is a plumber by profession told media that, “He swore to return after taking care of some unfinished business. His daughter went to the hospital by herself and returned in the afternoon… He didn’t return the entire day.”

When the police inquired Sunil Rastogi of his whereabouts on that day during the interrogation, he revealed that he has been looking out for unattended girls in the nearby area and also taken two girls, aged 10 and 11 years, to an isolated place. However, the two little girls managed to escape away from him.

Sunil, after his demeaning deeds, returned to his native, Rudrapur, leaving his daughter at their relatives’ home. However, Sunil got arrested by the police a few days after his return from Delhi. Sunil’s wife told media that, “Policemen came looking for him… they said they had spent sleepless nights because of him. I was afraid he had again done something bad to little girls and then policemen showed us a video.”

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