Shruti Mathur

, Editor & Contributor

A nature lover and an avid reader. Highly sarcastic, but optimistic. Dreamer by chance and writer by choice... She loves colours and words, and the amalgam of the two is what makes her think she’s creative enough to survive in the business.

She started her career in 2010 as a content writer with ‘Tulip,’ a lifestyle magazine, after which she went on to have brief working stints at Sakshi TV and Student Live. In 2013, she joined CVR News as a news presenter, voice-over artiste and copy editor and worked there until she was offered the role of Assistant Editor of Andhra Pradesh Magazine, GoAP, in 2015. She joined Fingo9 as the Team Lead for Content in 2016.

Known to work purely for self satisfaction, she has had her hands in an array of things, which include working as a photographer for a year with Nokia-Oxfam Fellowship Programme and as the Head of Press during United Nations CBD CoP’11.

She is currently also a freelance Radio Jock with Rainbow FM, a freelance anchor with Doordarshan Yadagiri and a voice-over artiste.

A mixture of humility and self-confidence, she seems to enjoy abandoning the planned route for sudden left turns to the unknown. She is a finder of her own paths in a world of unbroken forests. “Hard to start, harder to stop” is a phrase that perfectly describes her.

The author is a fingo9 Editor & Contributor . the opinions expressed are those of the writer.