Australian Schools Disdain Sikh Student Enrollment

By : 18-Jan-2017
Australian Schools Reject, Turban

MELBOURN, AUSTRALIA: A five-year-old Sikh boy was denied admission by a flagitious Australia school for wearing turban as it is not in accord with the uniform policy of the private institution.  

Sagardeep Singh Arora, the Sikh parent of the kid called the incidence as the most disappointing one that forced the Sikh enroller to abandon his religious practices and identity for obtaining access to an education in Melbourne.

Arora added that he has full regards for the common school uniform as it is crucial for the retention of the school identity and integration.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) have lodged a petition against the school administration that discriminate the individual candidates on the pretext of cast and religion.

The parents’ forum shared their statement that under any circumstances the students must not be refrained from bearing their religious symbols and articles of faith. It’s highly immoral for any school to disallow students to practice their beliefs.

The panel was imperatively engaged in making discussions regarding the obligatory and religious customs associated with hair & turban in Sikhism.

Mr. Arora complained that there are different public and private Australian organisation, schools, colleges, army, and police department that accept turban trend as the uniform code rule, yet there are some institute who refuse to revive their uniform policy.

There is a long history of the Sikh community being evolved in Australian grounds and it is very painful that the community still struggle with religious bias.

MCC has served a written notice to the VEOHRC in which it has mentioned how the school administration declined to include any other items apart from the permitted uniform rule.

Sikhism can trace its origins in the Australian continent since 1830s. Australia houses over 72,000 Sikh populations. The minority community of Sikh is a small group but is ever growing according to the census.

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