Simplistic Ways to Wear a White Eye Liner

By : 07-Apr-2017
Simplistic Ways to Wear a White Eye Liner

The fashion paradigm keeps shifting with the change in the times. White eyeliner is known to switch a spark in the ecstatic eyes of the women. The beauty-obsessed females want to flaunt the wide-angle effect of the white eyeliner in their deep oceanic eyes.

If the black eyeliner is known to lock up the lustrous eyes, the white one, on the other hand, promises to open the boundaries of the beautiful eyes.

Simplistic Ways to Wear a White Eye Liner

1. From among the many, here are a few simplistic ways to wear your White eyeliner for magically playful eyes:

2. Sketch a white line starting from the upper rim of the eyelash while continuing throughout the course of the eye.

3. Brighten up the “V” corners of your eyes with rich traces of white. 

4. Layer the upper and the lower part of your eyes with the white-black and reverse pattern in such a way that if the black liner traces the inner of the eyes then allow the white to dominate the exteriors of your eyes and vice versa. You can offer a 360 degrees dimension to your eyes using a white shimmer. 

5. Sandwich the white eyeliner in between the two shades for a triple-effect.

6. Apply the tiny bit of milky white shimmer at the inner “V” corner of your eyes.

7. If you are obsessed to achieve a fairy finish then run a line from the corners of the inner and upper eyes while stopping it at the center.

8. Jazz your silky eyelids by swiping the metallic mascara over them.

Step By Step Summary to Easily Remove The Waterproof White Eyeliner From The Delicate Skin

1. Saturate a soft cotton pad with a knob of makeup removing agents like (  safe Petroleum Jelly, natural coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil).

2. Carefully, wipe off the eyeliner around the area, avoid eye contact.

3. Clean tap water can even be used for sensitive skin.

4. If you have made a mistake in your eye artistry, then erase the error by wiping it with the cotton swab dipped in makeup removing agent.

5. After removing the entire makeup, wash your face with the cleanser and rinse it with warm water. 

Eyeliner Styles, Tips, and Tutorials

If you are a beginner follow our tutorials and tips in the course of applying your eyeliner.

Find out the full-fledged catalogue of eyeliner styles and ideas before you kick off to a funky party, or an evening bash, or otherwise a normal nigh-out

1. Cat Style Eyeliner Looks

2. Natural Classic Yet Simple Style

3. Birds Winged- Double Winged Style

4. Funky Style

5. Daring Style

6. Sharp and Smokey Style

7. Techni-coloured Style

Application of Pencil Eyeliner

Step 1: Using the smoothly sharp pointed pencil, start drawing the lines of your style.

Step 2: Use your index finger correct the inner edges of your eyes.

Application of Liquid or Cream Eyeliner

Step 1: While shaking the bottle well, pull off the brush from the bottle to apply the liquid throughout the crease of the eyes.

Step 2: Create solid lines while tracing and retracing the lines.

Application of Gel or Pen Eyeliner

Step 1: Dip your liner brush into the gel bottle.

 Step 2: Apply the gel or the pen to the inner and outer corners while emerging towards the middle.

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