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Meher Onisa is a distinctive Bachelor of Hotel Management endowed with an added degree in MBA. She has been grounding experience from disseminate industrial verticals and has worked with blue-chip giants like BNP Paribas, Goldstone Tech, Hitachi Inc & Object Technologies. She was into selling the Relative Strength Index of the firms.
As a Guerrilla rep and a Sales Savvy Sort, She fused herself with the chief mavericks of the market to mint on the plush projects.
Meher is a genuine gem and an In-house down-to-earth person. She is personified with an unbiased and unadulterated nature. She has been a reliable resource to her employers. She is a Fudge Factory of Confidence, Calibre & Credence. She has some traces of Herculean Humour in her.
As a school shepherdess, in her Overseas Salad Days, she was called as the Knowledge Nugget. Meher is mapled with Mediterranean Mentality and Continental Temperaments that she has accumulated from her prolonged stay in Arabian Gulf. Meher is rapt with the non-polarised power of Penmanship, Wizardry & Vintage Writing. Her Excerpts are etched with logical reasoning free from the Compact Cosmetic Matt Make up effects. She understands that, Viscosity in writing comes with the whimsical whipping of Velvety Words of Wit, Wisdom & Vanity. In her tackle kit, there are a “Billion Ball Point Techniques” usable to slate her oxidized thoughts over the papyrus or over the Weird World Wide Web of Sense & Essence. Her Editorial skill sets, Word Farming Techniques & Sentence Irrigation Methodologies are pickled with the goodness of the world of significance. She inscribes with the pen of vinaigrette and brine that brings bubbles and froth to her writings.
Meher with the capacities of the Content Editor has joined Fingo9 writer’s bench. She is exceedingly passionate to shoot her bureaucratic, entrepreneurial & editorial qualities to the skies. Her Vanilla field of interest is to contribute array of Crystallised Cluster Contents, Newscast, Lifestyle and Entertainment concentrates in her company’s portal.
Meher Onisa is influential in her corporate writing wherewithal. She has been hyperactive in drafting Lines, Limericks, Textured Title Tags, Ping Posters, Pristine Pamphlets, Perfumed Poetry, Euphoric Fliers, Liable Leaflets, Enigmatic Imageries, Insignia, Logical Logos, Tertiary Trailers, Jazzy Jingles, Volley Weasels, Savvy Slogans, Captivating Cliché, Glitzy Graphics, Effervescent Axiom, Templates, Counteroffer Proposition Pitches, High-Ridge Hoardings, Hyperbolic Billboards, Beneficiary Banners, Elevated External Al-frescos, Lofty Ledged Advertorials, Commercials, Infomercials etc.
The author is the Content Editor of fingo9. The opinions expressed are those of the writer alone.

The author is a fingo9 Contributor. the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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