Blunder of Confusion and Rage Netizens Boycott Snapdeal Not Snapchat

By : 17-Apr-2017
Snapchat, not Snapdeal Angry Young

Smokes of Anger and rage fuming on the social media front days after the former Snapchat employee had accused that the CEO Evan Spiegel was not keen to expand his business in poor countries like India and Spain. The Indians however, had taken this alleged statement in massive retaliations to express their displeasure, hence went ahead to Boycott the app with lowest ratings and analysis. But amidst the blunder of confusion, the agitated netizens seemed to have uninstalled the prominent E-commerce App Snapdeal. Ignorant of the fact that the outrage has to be directed towards Snapchat and not Snapdeal.

This mistaken identity came to light after the users had posted on Twitter the screenshots of Snapdeal store reviews. With the rising toll of Snapdeal being deleted in utter chaos to Snapchat. The co-founder Kunal Bahl was requested on twitter by many users to make a clear statement that Snapdeal is not Snapchat. As a matter of fact, it's possibly the last thing left to do for the owner to protect his company.

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