BJP to set up Special Units To Probe Crimes Against Women

By : 27-Dec-2016
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In a country like India, where crimes against women are most recurring in nature, it has been conceived by the government to set up 200 special units all across the country, in this regard, mainly to probe crimes against women.

In India, every year, it is observed that crimes like rape, acid attacks, dowry troubles, trafficking and such other are always faced by many women all through the country. Hence, the Modi government has taken a decision to augment the capacities of the states in investigation of such crimes against women by establishing 200 special units after identifying the most crime prone districts against women.

During the previous years, there have been 34,651 incidents of rape cases, a total of 384 incidents of acid attacks cases, all across the country. It should also be noted that all through the country, between the period from 2013 and 2015, the country has witnessed a total of 25,800 dowry death cases.

In this regard, the Home Ministry has filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court that suggested setting up of Investigative Units for Crime Against Women (IUCAW) on a 50:50 cost sharing ratio with the states and these units are also subject to a ceiling of Rs. 28 lakh for each unit.

According to the sources from the government, while the primary aim of these units is to assist the local police in the investigations of the crimes against women, they are also equipped with addition functionalities that include proactive policing, intelligence gathering, tackling organised crime, monitoring proper implementation of legislative provisions, help in awareness generation and social participation in crimes against women.

While under duty, these investigation units will work under the Superintendent of police of the district and will deal with the cases referred to them.

In a statement, the Centre said, “Besides augmenting the investigative machinery of the states, the idea is also to instil confidence and encourage women to come forward and lodge their complaint.”

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