High court puts stay on Khar case against Poonam Bhagat

By : 14-Dec-2016
 High Court,Stay Order,Poonam Bhagat

The latest update from the Bombay High Court in the hearings of the case against socialite Poonam Bhagat is that the court has put stay on the case saying, the charge sheet has been filed with several serious violations and investigations are also violated seriously.

The Bombay High Court on Tuesday stayed the proceedings against socialite Poonam Bhagat, saying, “There are serious violations in the filing of the charge sheet and the investigation of the case”.

Initially, it all started with the couple filing for a divorce, which then led to the husband Jaidev Shroff, filed a case against his wife Poonam Bhagat that she allegedly tried to poison him with the help from a Bengali baba, Gulam Moin Sufi.

While Bhagat has managed to receive an anticipatory bail, the Bengali baba got arrested in the poisoning case. Bhagat has later claimed that there are several discrepancies in the investigation and approached the additional chief secretary of home department who transferred the case to Mumbai Crime Branch in September.

Later, Bhagat approached the Bombay High Court, which then put a stay order on the case until December 21, ordering the Bandra court to not consider the case until then.

Amit Desai, senior counsel for Poonam Bhagat has brought two issues to the notice of the Bombay High Court, on Tuesday. One is that the Bandra court has already taken cognizance of the charge sheet filed against Bhagat, and the second one is that despite notifications issued to Bhagat that the case would be filed on December 3, the charge sheet has been filed a day in advance.

Desai has also brought in front of the court, the matter related to the Bora murder case, he said, “The same officers are investigating Bhagat’s case in such a hurry that they have investigated a matrimonial dispute in just three months. In other cases, one has to approach courts for police to investigate the case.”

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