Sunni Muslim Protesters Mobbed Ahmadi Mosque

By : 13-Dec-2016
Protestors, Attack, Ahmadi Mosque,  Pakistan

LAHORE, PUNJAB: In the province of Punjab, a mosque associated with the minority Ahmadi section was stormed by thousands of Sunni Muslim agitators on Monday. The religious protesters opened fired and killed many in the row. Due to the slim deployment of the Police officials in the area they were unable control the attackers.

The Sunni Muslims mobbed the mosque because of the suspicion of the Ahmadi worshipers were violating the law by commemorating the birthday of the prophet Mohammad.

According to the Ahmadi minority, a prophet followed the Prophet Mohammed (founder of Islam). But their views were wronged by the Muslim religion whose central belief states that Mohammad was the last messenger of God.

In 1974, Pakistani law declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims. In 1984, a new law was laid up for the enforcement of the Ahmadis who called themselves Muslims are entitled to imprisonment.

The attack comes just a week after Pakistan renamed one of its university’s with the name of Abdus Salam, its first Nobel laureate.

Salam, the first Muslim to win the prize for science in Pakistan, is buried in Rabwah, a centre for Ahmadis. His gravestone ingrained as "the First Muslim Nobel laureate" was defaced.

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