Sushma Swaraj Reports, US Targets More Than 270 Indians for Deportation

By : 25-Mar-2017
Sushma Swaraj tells Indian People  Deportation

NEW DELHI: Sushma Swaraj informs about President Trump’s targets for deportation of more than 270 Indians on illegal residential status in the United States. The external affairs head further stated that her country will not provide any return travel documentation for the outlanders without the case information and verification details.

Gopal Baglay the spokesman for all Indian overseas issues mentioned that the US authorities have conveyed about the pending trials. He further reported that his agency has asked the latter for the same. Furthermore, the US’s administrative department has not yet given any immediate reply on the pretended eviction list of the Indian immigrants.

As a result, India has been highly concerned about the treatment of its citizens in the USA. Especially after the brutal massacre of an Indian computer engineer in Olathe, Kan, and other suspected hate crimes. 

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