Sushmitha Joins Wild At Heart Campaign

By : 23-Jan-2017
Sushmitha Joins Wild At Heart Campaign

Media person Lynn de Souza says it has been a great privilege to have Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen as part of the Wildlife At Heart campaign which wants to celebrate the wildlife. The duration of the short film is 2 minute which speaks about human beings’ relation with forest. It has been written in the form of a poem by Harshal Shetye.

Lynn further says, “Sushmita is generous and living on her own ways of life by adopting two daughters. Instead of leading life like others, she has been parenting two girls. When I thought of making this short film, instantly Sushmita has come to my mind.”

“This short film will be screened at all the cinema screens of UFO Moviez besides of another video of Sushmita appealing to conserve the forest. There will be another two and half a minute video in which Sushmita would give a special message on preserving the forest, said Lynn.

The team is part of Wildlife Conservation Trust of India and they have been working for the trust since a long time. Now, they have come up with ‘Wildlife at Heart’ campaign and it shows the association of human lives with animals and nature. Sushmita might be part of the campaign but Lynn says, anyone who associates with causes must come out to join the team. Forest does not need us but we need the forest.

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