Telangana tops country in e-transactions

By : 17-Jan-2017

During the period from November 9 to January 9, since the demonetisation drive has been taken by the government, Telangana, Kerala and Gujarat have topped the list of the states that have recorded the maximum number of electronic transactions per 1000 people that include both financial and non-financial transactions in the services offered by the state governments.

Based on the data sourced from eTaal platform, which stands for Electronic Transaction Aggregation and Analysis Layer, Telangana has topped the list with 2,848.96 transactions per 1000 people, which is more than five times the national average of 527.82 transactions.

After Telangana, Kerala is the second place with 2157.8 transactions per 1000 people and Gujarat at 1431.92 transactions per 1000 people. The data shows that the total number of transactions per 1000 people of these top three states in the list Telangana, Kerala and Gujarat is more than the combined total of the remaining states in the top 10 list.

Similarly, Telangana also topped on the list of the total transactions too with over 10.02 crore e-transactions in across 128 services provided for state government projects during the period from November 9 to January 9.

While Gujarat ranked second in place in this list of the total transactions with 8.64 e-transactions in across 162 services, states such as Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are also in this list on account of their broad population base leading to larger transactions.

However, in the list of number of e-transactions per 1000 people, the states with smaller population such as Himachal Pradesh and Meghalaya occupied their places in the top ten, instead of the states with huge population.

While Telangana topped the list with most of their electronic transactions in rural development services that include NREGA musters, and weekly payments, that are followed by commercial tax services that include VAT and CST returns, Gujarat has most of its e-transactions in commercial tax services, public distribution system services that include SMS alerts and issuance of bill receipts by PDS e-fair price shops.

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