UK Parliament, Terrorist Attack in London, 5 humans Dead and 40 harmed

By : 23-Mar-2017
Terror Attacks near UK Parliament

LONDON: Terror Attack on London's West Minister Bridge when a car smashed right in front of the busy pedestrians on patrol. Around 5 people were killed and 40 passers-by had been gravely injured on a Wednesday afternoon. Amongst the dead included the suspected assailant and the policeman he had stabbed close to Britain’s parliament.

It was reported by the cops as the marauder's terrorist attack, the other 3 victims were the ones who got thrashed by the car;  After it had sped across the viaduct near the parliament to crash down on its railings.

The country’s Prime Minister Theresa May had criticised the dreadful strike as sick and depraved. Further added to the statement outside her 10 Downing Street office, late in the evening that the location of this horrific incident was no accident.

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