Dutch woman's daughter kidnapped,

By : 27-Dec-2016
Dutch Woman, Ex-Husband, Kidnapped, India

Nadia, an Amsterdam-based woman had deliberately posted her pains on the page of Humans of Amsterdam. She had shared her incidences of the past marriage with an abusive man who allegedly kidnapped her two-year-old daughter. The father has absconded along with the minor.  Since then, she has been battling to recover her baby back.

Nadia got wedded to an Indian businessman; the two would have to travel to Mumbai frequently. Their relationship worsened with the birth of their first child, a daughter named Insiya after 3 years of marriage in 2011. The loving boyfriend had turned out to be a devilish husband. 

Nadia disclosed that four days after the birth of their daughter the thankless father dumped her with the baby. She was made to exhaustively travel to India along with the newborn for over 6 times in a year.

Nadia had been playing her role as a single mother due to her abusive and physically violent husband. She filed a divorce plea but never restricted her husband from meeting their daughter.

The complainant stated that one day her husband threatened to kill her. He had even planted a secret GPS track device under her car.

One day Nadia along with her baby rushed towards the police station for lodging the petition.  The man kept losing the lawsuits and the judge decided the Nadia to become the legal custodian of the minor.

For sometimes things seemed to be as serene as the sea and the worst fear surfaced on September 29 when Nadia left Insiya with her mother. While she was driving she got a call from her nephew saying that few of the men had kidnapped her daughter.

The sourced found that Nadia’s Indian-ex-husband had taken the child to Germany and then to India. Nadia has now soughed the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch government in hunting the missing daughter.

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