Mumbai: Old notes found torn in Charkop

By : 20-Dec-2016
Torn Rs 500, Rs 1000 Notes Found, Mumbai,Charkop

MUMBAI: On Monday afternoon, the Mumbai Police had recovered a gunny bag consisting of devalued currency notes worth Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in Charkop area of the city.

The notes were finely chopped before they were dumped next to the drainage line. The Police suspects of someone who might have failed in converting the black money into white had eventually dusted the notes near the drains.

The officials are now investigating the day and night CCTV footage of the vicinity so as to establish the chief lead in the colony.

The total amount of devalued currency dumped could not be ascertained as the notes were cut into tiny bits and pieces.

 The police presumed that the thick bundles of notes might have been cut into strips using the steel cutter or a pair of sharp scissors. 

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