uber ceo travis kalanick says no self driving cars or autonomous cars in india

By : 16-Dec-2016
uber ceo says no autonomous cars in india

Under the intense competition from the foreign investors like Amazon and Uber, Internet-based Entrepreneurs like Flipkart and Ola exhorted the Government to amend policies in favor of domestic companies. The tech giants made their point strong referring to Chinese decision of encompassing the foreigner investors as a source of capital, instead of letting them on the domestic front. 

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola recently reported that China rightly identified internet customers as important and decided to protect it. India also needs to do the same. China has shown tremendous trust in the domestic companies by only allowing foreign capital in the country rather than being investors themselves.
Travis Kalanick CEO of Internet Transport Service Uber urges to differ with local players explicitly stated his opinion during a recent interview with Amitabh Kant CEO of National Institute of Transforming India in the capital. He pointed out the irony on the domestic companies objection, where major funding comes from foreign lands, also showing his witty side added “I will apply for Indian citizenship if this gets over the top,”

The Uber CEO made it clear that Company has no plans to collaborate with a top opponent in its second largest market like it happened with industry rival Didi Chuxing in China.

Earlier once, Ola tried to take down the Uber-Company alleging that the American-based company was trying to defy the existing government laws.
Uber's next dream is to bring Self-driving cars into reality and is getting a little pushback in the United States. On the question asked about India getting the autonomous cars, Travis in a much friendly way commented that, “India will be the last one to get autonomous cars, have you seen the way people drive here?” 

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