Trekking Adventure in Khilanmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

By : 15-Apr-2017
Trekking Adventure in Khilanmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Trekking in Khilanmarg’s smallest valley is about 6 km trail from the Gulmarg’s bus stop and car park. Enthusiastic tourist can have the beautiful trek of their life amidst the flowery meadows in the spring season. This picturesque site offers an admirable view of the peaks in the backdrop of the Kashmir basin. The 600-meter upward climb of the hill from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg can be an hour long expedition for the holiday makers. It can get muddy as well, especially after the winters when the snow melts down. This endeavour gets rewarded, if the southeast section has a clean and clear view of the great Himalayas from Nanga Parbat to Nun and Kun the twin peaks about 7,100 in length.

Trekking Base in Khilanmarg

There are many varied options for adventurous trekkers in and around the Khilanmarg region. Professional ones can venture out in Gulmarg's Alapther Lake and the Apharwat hill top but along with the local guide who has been familiar with the territory.

Trekking for a day at Alpather Lake and Apharwat Near Khilanmarg: Trekking at the majestic Alpather lake has been based about 13 km away from Gulmarg, and it is further beyond Khilanmarg dale. The natural reservoir remains frozen in the coldest months to give an eye-catching scenic view of ducks and huge chunks of ice floats. Trekking in Khilanmarg near the Alpather pond can give the globe-trotters a day to spend their voyage either by a foot trek or a fun pony ride.

The thrilled hikers can go further upwards towards Apharwat Peak situated at a height of 4,390 meters above the sea level.

Trekking Season in Khilanmarg

The best trekking season in Khilanmarg has to be between the months of May and September. In between this period the region experiences good rainfall and snowfall likely during the extreme winters.

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