Top Trending Social Media apps to Download

By : 06-May-2017
Trending Social Media apps

Social networking or the media apps are the irresistible medium of connection between the virtual friends. Thanks to these connectivity apps that has brought the world closer to our friends, family, distant relatives and even sweet-natured strangers of sense and essence. Let’s take a look at the universally acclaimed social media apps that puts us near to our people around the world with the click of an easy button.

1. Facebook  

Facebook is considered to be the most favorite social media site founded by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. This social media app is used widely use to connect ourselves with millions of people living far across. It gives us the chance to reconnect ourselves with the old school pals, college friends, beloved teachers, lost neighbors, and even follow the celebrities. The Facebook messenger offers us an opportunity to break free the political boundaries and barriers and communicate with the ones we love most. One can chip into a group chat or video calling which is absolutely free of cost.

2. Twitter  

Twitter is a social media company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The cute little blue birdie becomes the liberal icon or the trademark of the social media firm. Twitter was jointly established by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in the year 2006. It offers the commoners and the celebrities with the platform to share their bold perspectives with the knowledge world of today. One can follow anybody and from anywhere around the planet.

3. Vine

Vine offers a twitter-like interface to its users around the world. It gives the users with a 6-second video slot to transmit their creative talent or skill using this app. With just one-touch video continuity feature the user can shoot multiple scenes, images while merging all the clips into a single one. You can verge over the vine to experience the quality videos of substance. 

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is a 100 percent fun app that sends and receives pictures or the ten-second video messages to your connections around the world.  But you must be over conscious of the hackers of the information who are just standing at the window to bomb your account and screenshots.  However, you will receive notification alert from the administration in case your screen has been grabbed by a malicious stranger.

5. Pinterest

Much like your own personalised digital scrapbook, the Pinterest app offers you with the full freedom to pin and paste your talent, skills, artworks and galleries related to recipes, doodles, sketches, articles, paintings, poems or anything for that matter. You reserve the right to channelize your art with the similar people of same taste. 

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