Homeland security to consolidate new immigration rules with Trump’s travel plan

By : 22-Feb-2017
Trump security Forces Expulsion of More Immigrants

WASHINGTON, DC: Donald Trump administration has laid new immigration plans as per which all the illegal immigrants living in the USA will affect deportation. There is some consideration given to the immigrants or “Dreamers” who had illegally landed in the country during their childhood period with their guardians.

The immigration issue has become a tough challenge for the republican Trump because the old executive order signed by former President Barack Obama in 2012 had protected 750,000 undocumented immigrants and their parents.

Donald Trump during his campaign had pledged to wipe away the estimated 11 million illegal refugees residing in the US.

Trump had promised to build a wall barrier across the borders on the Mexico banning the entry of the all the terrorists and refugees into the USA. The protesters had posted a banner declaring "Refugees Welcome" on the footer of the Statue of Liberty that marks a symbol of American’s acceptance of the immigrants.


John Kelly, the Secretary of the Homeland Security had drafted some of the fresh immigration rules that would be clubbed with Trump's toughest travel guidelines to target the undocumented refugees.

Kelly had recently signed 2 memos for implementing President Trump’s executive orders according to which an additional 10,000 of the ICE Agents and 5,000 of Border Patrol Agents will be absorbed in the Homeland Security department.  There are plans under process to deport all the criminal minded immigrants who had criminal track sheet of committing terror that would cause a risk to public safety in American land.

Though, many of the policies will not be implemented or enforced because they depend on the Congress. However, the Mexican consulate and immigration centre had raised their objections against the new rules. 

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