Berlin Christmas market truck attack

By : 22-Dec-2016
Tunisian Man, Sought, Berlin Attack

German security authorities stormed off a Europe wide hunt-out for a Tunisian man mixed in the Islamic extremist group was identified as a prime suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack.

During his briefing, the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere illustrated about the man in his early 20s who was spotted in Germany and European border-free travel zone. With the lack of evidence, the arrested one in Berlin attack was later released.

Twelve people lost their lives and 48 others were treated for serious injuries. The incident occurred, when a truck ploughed into a highly famed Berlin market on the eve of Monday smashing the people around.

According to Stephan Mayer a lead lawmaker and Germany's governing conservative, the Tunisian suspect has used multiple identities. At times had had used six different aliases with three different nationalities. In one of his identities he was named as Anis Amri with Tunisian citizenship and born in Ghaza strip. He was considered to be a part of the Salafist-Islamist group.

The posters spread all over the region flashes the big reward of $140,000 upon those who would furnish information about the man most wanted.  

Burkhard Lischka, the Social Democrat had mentioned to the lawmakers that the Tunisian is a solid lead as his wallet was recovered in the cab, but it could not guarantee of him being the sole perpetrator.

The security agencies had dug and exchanged date about the suspect who was sighted in the joint counterterrorism centre last November.

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