13-Year-Old Allegedly Raped At A Birthday Party In Delhi

By : 16-Dec-2016

A young girl of 13 years was allegedly gang raped by two of her juvenile friends after blending her soft drink with a soporific sedative at a birthday party in Uttam Nagar in Delhi.

The girl immediately lost her conscious soon after she was made to consume the drink orally. After molesting and raping the girl persistently the boys ragged her out of their house. They left her in an isolated place close to a hospital at about 3 in the noon.

The distressed girl was sympathetically assisted by the pedestrians and supported her in reaching home.

At the Uttam Nagar police station, a case of gang rape was registered under Section 376-D and relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences was lodged by the parents of the minor victim.

The 17 year old accused was apprehended and the other culprit named Sahil 18 was arrested by the police later in the evening. 

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