Amit Singhal faces dismissal due to allegations of long time sexual harassment

By : 28-Feb-2017
Uber's Top Cadre Amit Singhal

SILICON VALLEY: Uber Technologies Inc. had dismissed Amit Singhal a top software engineer who had failed to withdraw himself from the allegations of sexual harassment that he had previous conducted during his tenure with Alphabet Inc. Recently, Uber had learned about Singhal’s sensitive matter that had surfaced with the former techie Susan Fowler who had ended up writing and posting a shocking blog this February. She had mentioned that Singhal had behaved with her in the most inappropriate way.

On Monday, Singhal had however denied the charges and cleared in an email statement about the harassment stories that would not be acceptable under any circumstances. He wanted everyone to know that in 20 years of his professional endeavours he had neither committed any such crime not would he accept the nuisance. He added that it was his own decision to quit from the company for genuine reasons.

Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber was not convinced with Singhal's email explanation. Hence he had forced him to resign immediately within a month of joining.

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