United Airlines Flights Resumes after Facing Computer Flaw

By : 23-Jan-2017
flights delayed in us

The Federal Aviation Administration had confirmed about the on-the-ground-computer-system which was afflicted with a snag leaving many passengers vexed throughout the United States. However, the international flights were not affected and resumed accordingly.
The Chicago-based United Express and United Airlines has been retaining with a good track record of operating more than 4,500 flights. In a day, the airline is scheduled to trot to 339 national and international airports across five different continents.
The frustrated passengers had taken to social media for registering their unending predicament which had made the authorities busy responding to the mountainous issues of the angry commuters.
The customers shared their anger on the social media. They called this as the worst customer service experience and worst in-flight incident to have occurred in 30+ years.
Maddie King, company spokeswoman tweeted: "We are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue and get out customers to their final destinations.”
United Airlines even assured that it would offer a travel waiver to all those who suffered unexpected delay.
Last October, a similar system defect had resulted in the temporary stagnancy of the United departures. In the event, thousands of the passengers had faced flight delay worldwide on account of the malfunctioning of the computer.
In June, United Airlines had a similar computer problem that had caused hindrance in the computer generated reservations records of the passengers.
Recently, Air Canada and Toronto-based Porter Airlines also experienced setbacks that stood responsible for flight cancellations.
The United Airlines authority has made a fresh announcement and notified about the domestic flights that been brought to a normal schedule.

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