Unknown Facts of Victory Venkatesh

By : 13-Dec-2016
venkatesh unknown facts

Venkatesh was never meant to act in movies despite having a producer dad, he pursued MBA in Monetary Institute of International studies, but call it fate, our remake star landed in Telugu Film Industry and the rest, as one know, is history.
Well, here are some unknown facts about Drushyam Star that will increase your acquaintance.

1. Did you know that Venkatesh is a Spiritual person?

Daggubati Suresh Babu conducted a procession along with his brother Daggubati Venkatesh After the success of Preminchukundam Ra. Gharshana Star didn’t know how to enjoy that success and saw the same cycle repeating throughout his life. He got disconnected and started questioning himself about life.
He soon understood the delusion of this material nature and traveled all over the world for answers and became a student of Ramana Maharishi teachings. Tulasi actor Venkatesh is now following the Royal middle path, in which he is a part of both worlds such as Spiritual world and the material world.

2. Do you know the success Mantra of Victory Venkatesh?

Venkatesh reportedly said that he is happy to see himself alive every morning, living in a salubrious weather, eating the edible foods and to enjoy palpable entities of nature. Kshana kshanam player added that, no matter how life is Back-Bending, moving forward is the only option one should possess.

3. What could be the best characteristics of Venkatesh, Any Idea?

Venkatesh reportedly said that he never judges or compares the other person instead, he questions himself before doing the same. Premante Ide Ra's thespian prefers tranquility to rejuvenate senses.

4. Can anyone compete with Chanti Star in Sports adoration?

Venkatesh a true sports lover, he never misses a game in his leisure, games like Tennis, cricket, basketball, also Kalisundam’s artist spends time with his family and watches American television drama 

5. Do you know how Malliswari Star developed his story selection skills?

Vasu actor developed story selection patterns during his childhood, he uses to indulge in story discussions along with dad Daggupati Rama Naidu and his friends. Also, Sundarakanda star can keenly observe the trivia of person behavior in and around him and has a tremendous memory power to retain them back as and when needed to portray characters with a little edge.

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