Trump Signs on the New Reforms of H1-B Visa Strategies Used by Indians

By : 19-Apr-2017
Trump H1B Visa

President Donald Trump has called for the renovation of H1-B Visa schemes that were used vastly by Indians. This programme was to enforce the job safety of many experienced American workers who shall never be replaced, and it must be given only to the highly qualified and remunerated applicants.

On Tuesday, President Trump looked on to sign and tighten the temporary Visa strategies. He has, however, addressed an enthusiastic audience in Wisconsin, about the termination of these wide H1-B visa abuses in the immigration system, before going ahead with the new executive decree. This document is known to the White House bureau as the Buy American and Hire American order.

Trump also seeks for the changes in the government action that can boost the sale of many American products with federal contracts as an aim to help the United States steelmakers. This move shows Trump's power once again and his way to complete his promises he had made last year in the election campaign for the reformation of US migration policies.

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