How to Use Buttermilk for Beautiful Skin

By : 14-Apr-2017
Buttermilk for Beautiful Skin

Buttermilk is the fermented remnant of the milk that is formed after churning of the fat from the cream. The fermented milk is classified into two different categories one is the traditional buttermilk and the other is the cultured buttermilk. All types of buttermilks are strikingly beneficial for us as they promise to unwind the window to a beautiful skin. The sour cream or buttermilk is locked with lactic acid and complex milk proteins that are stacked with the properties to kill off the skin blemishes, marks, spots, and pigmentations. 

Benefits of Buttermilk for Beautiful Skin

The moo juice or the sour milk leads to a toned and textured skin of much lighter complexion. The presence of the lactic acid in the buttermilk loosens the skin impurities from the face and brightens the complexion to higher degrees.

Buttermilk and Honey Facials for Beautiful Skin


One teaspoon buttermilk

One teaspoon honey

Method and Preparation

Step 1: In a shallow saucer blend the buttermilk and honey together

Step 2:  Apply and massage your skin methodically with the pack

Step 3:  Wash off the skin after 20 minutes with mild soap and water


Buttermilk offers a much whiter and beautiful skin complexion. It makes the skin tone lighter while treating the sun tans on the body

Buttermilk and Gram Flour Facials for Beautiful Skin


Two tablespoon buttermilk

Pinch of turmeric

One tablespoon gram flour

Method and Application

Step 1: Mix all the active ingredients in a shallow tray

Step 2: Rub the face pack directly over the clean face

Step 3: After 15 minutes cleanse your face with soap and water


While the buttermilk will land you to a fairer looking complexion, the turmeric will treat the rough and tough tags on your skin. Gram flour performs the anti-tanning task on the dark and dim destinations of your skin

Useful Therapeutic Benefits of Drinking Buttermilk

A chilled glass of churned buttermilk makes a super summer beverage. The heavenly drink helps in cooling down the temperature of the body during the summer times.  Buttermilk is the pond of probiotic microbes that streamlines the digestive and immune system while obstructing the negative effects of the parasitic bacteria. You can choose from among the rich catalog of fermented food alternatives that includes Kefir, Sour cream, and Cream of tartar as they all fall in the trustworthy family of fermented yogurt.

Buttermilk Recipe for Beautiful Skin


Three tablespoons natural yogurt

A glass of table water

Pinch of cumin powder, pepper and table salt 

Few drops of ginger juice

Half teaspoon coriander paste

Method of preparation

Step 1:  Sieve the fresh yogurt in a strainer to remove the lactic lumps

Step 2:  Take a bowl, whip the smooth paste of yogurt along with the rest of the ingredients

Step 3: Pour the smooth buttermilk in the crystal glass, serve chilled with ice cubes

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