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Vasanth Geddada

, Contributor

The years revealed Vasanth to be a quick learner, and although not a writer decided to choose content writing as a profession. Vasanth thinks of himself as being fluid, a little like water. While water follows the shape of the vessel holding it, Vasanth finds form when he pours his thoughts into a particular subject.

Vasanth prefers to be a critical writer rather than being directly message-oriented. He will tell you he is lazy but claims laziness is the best quality of being intellectual.

Vasanth firmly believes in objectivism, follows socialism and is against discrimination of caste, religion, racism, false philosophies, prophecies and blaspheming the existence of God. He believes in diligence towards a goal rather than qualification and the luck factor. Vasanth believes in God but he is an iconoclast: although he likes traditions he challenges the beliefs behind them.

Vasanth has worked as a ghostwriter under one of the most prominent Tollywood writers. By both intuition and sheer chance, he chose content writing as a profession and was selected to work for Way2sms, Saroj Ads, and MeraEvents. At present, Vasanth is working at Creo Tech Solutions. His hobbies are reading and expanding his mind power by observing people.

The author is a fingo9 Contributor. the opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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