I am the Football Between two Competitive Teams: Vijay Mallya

By : 03-Feb-2017
Vijay Mallya Football Between two Competitive Team

When CBI court issued a non-bailable warrant against Vijay Mallya in a default case, he has opinioned that media and investigation agency distorting the facts and making unexpected allegations against him. He posted on a social media site that “Am shocked at CBI allegations. All false and misconceived to say the least. What do a bunch of elite Police know about business and Economics?” 

Quashing the CBI and its investigation against the Tamil Nadu minister Dayanidhi Maran and his brother, who have been absolved by the special court yesterday, Mallya said that despite investigation agency’s plan to make them guilty, truth has come out. “CBI tried its best to blame, finally, what happened, did truth prevail or CBI prevail?” 

He further said that he was being used as a gimmick in politics and was being exploited like a football between the UPA and NDA coalitions. I became football media is used as a pitch for the two teams NDA versus UPA. Unfortunately, there are no referees. His emails to media were taken without looking into context and making allegations against me and UPA regime.

CBI filed a charge-sheet against Mallya, the loan defaulter, Kingfisher Airlines of diverting Rs 263 crore from Rs 900 crore IDBI loan for personal use. It has also paved way for CBI to approach officials in the UK deportation of Mallya who is expected to live in London as per the reports. The war of words between UPA and NDA since Mallya did not return and loan that he had taken. On the other hand, CBI has also taken people into customers who are involved in this case.


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