Virat Kohli, first Indian skipper to score double centuries in four consecutive test series

By : 10-Feb-2017

HYDERABAD: On a flamboyant Friday morning, Virat Kohli, the sizzling skipper had quaked the cricketing ground with his blazing batting broil that sent him to splash a double hundred in the four successive Test series against Bangladesh. 

On the day 2, Kohli had demonstrated precious innings over the potential pitch with triple one 111. He went on to basket 80 runs before heading to the lunch break. The right-handed batsman made a triple two 222 run in the partnership with Ajinkya Rahane.

Kohli has surpassed the legendaries including Donald Bradman and Rahul Dravid who achieved their feats in 3 successive series. With his personal phenomenal best, he had statistically shattered the records of Bradman and Dravid.

The juvenile skipper had merely taken 92 innings to script a remarkable record while enjoining himself along with the cricketing laureates Michael Clark, Sunil Gavaskar, Greg Chappell, Brendon McCullum and Hashim Amla.

Earlier, the 28-year-old had hammered double tons in the series against the England, West Indies, and New Zealand. He had played gorgeous innings to scale the maiden double hundred (200) against West Indies in July 2016 followed by 211 against New Zealand back in October.

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