Delhi Govt to Establish Multiple Vocational Training Centres For The Benefit of Employment

By : 18-Jan-2017
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New Delhi: The promotion of the skill-based education program for emancipation of the youth is a crucial positive measure taken by the Delhi government. It is further cracking on the newer vocational training campuses across the capital state for the enrichment of the new talent.

Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister and the Education Minister made an affirmation in presence of the senior educationalists and the Australian delegation about the strengthening the Vocational Training chains in Delhi for better job perspectives.

As Delhi, the national Capital is already bestowed with a world-class skill education centre accredited and affiliated to Singapore government, there are more such international institutes yet to be incorporated in the nearing times.

The government instrument mix will be utilized for undertaking random research studies for entrapping the parameters required for the training.

Such scrupulous professional technical induction sessions will result in imparting skilled knowledge learning and development opportunities to both unemployed category and undergraduate youth.


Retail sector

Hospitality stream

Travel and Tourism


Computer Application

Technical Education and



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