I Won’t Accept Rajinikanth, If He Starts A Political Party

By : 16-Jan-2017
 Rajinikanth, Political Party

According to reports, Sarathkumar spoke against Rajinikanth did not go well with many people. Sarathkumar posted on his official Facebook page in Tamil and it was translated, please take a look.

“Today, during the journalist meeting, many issues were discussed, I was asked the view of Rajinikanth’s on Tamil Nadu at the Tuglaq anniversary function. I replied that one has to ask Rajinikanth to know in this regard and not me”

Later, when I opined that the state of Tamil Nadu should be governed by Tamilian, reports asked what I would do if Rajinikanth floats a political party. To this, I said that although Rajini is my friend, I won’t accept Rajinikanth if he starts a political party.

But some have taken it in a wrong way and spreading. I would like to tell my party members to counter this by taking the help of police forces.”   

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