Best wireless charges for your mobile

By : 15-May-2017
wireless charges for your mobile

The smart wireless electromagnetic power charger or a power transmission device is an electrical grid or a source that transmits electrical charges to the mobile devices. The wireless battery charger obeys the charging protocol to flow the electrical energy into a secondary cell by releasing the electric current into it. It stores and reserves the electric current and transmits the same to the phone.

Here Are The Most Sophisticated Wireless Charges For Your Mobiles

1.Samsung Wireless Charger Ep-Pg920ibegin Charging Pad

The Samsung wireless charging pad is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 7, and Note 5. The charger is blessed with a faster rate of wireless charging. It can be often paired with a quick charge 2.0 Adaptive Fast Charger for better results.

2. Wireless Charger Receiver Chip

The ultra thin Charger Receiver Chip works on a wireless distance of 4-7mm. It works perfect with any Qi-enabled charger and is highly suitable for iPhone 6, i5, 5s, and 5c. The charger chip will never interfere with your phone.   The charger chip has a power transform efficiency of 75 percent.

3. Samsung Wireless Charging Qi Pad

Samsung has introduces a stylish Samsung wireless charging pad that is used for charging smartphones like Galaxy S6,S7,Edge+,Note5,  and even the Qi-compatible appliances without being plugged to the charger or the USB port. You can just place your phone directly over the universal charging pad and your phone begins to charge.

4. Universal Round Qi Wireless Charging Pad Plate

The red circle wireless charger is an easy means to charge your phone without the meshwork of cables. The moment you keep your phone on the charging plate the charging begins using an input voltage of DC4.3V~5.5V/1.5~2A. This charging plate can work with a transmission distance of 10mm. When the charging temperature reaches beyond 60°, the charger would stop charging within 1 minute and cools down.

5. Generic Wireless Charging Charger Receiver Chip

The compact and lightweight Receiver Chip works perfectly with any Qi-enabled charger. It can be often used with wireless charging transmitter. These chargers workable at a wireless distance of 4-7mm are most suitable for iPhone 6 Plus that would not interfere with the functions of the phone.

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