Factory Woman Found 100 Crores In Her Jan Dhan Account

By : 27-Dec-2016
Hundred Crores,Jan Dhan Account,

GHAZIABAD: On Monday, a factory woman had scribbled an open letter to PM’s office after she discovered Rs. 100 crore in her Jan Dhan Account. She intimated the bank about the surplus credit in her account but the staff did not respond to her request. She added that the local bank staff was highly uncooperative towards her and was showing attitude too.

Sheetal admitted that on December 18, she went to draw money from the ATM near her place and was shocked to witness Rs. 99,99,99,394  as her balance.

She asked another person in the ATM queue to assist her in reading the sum amount for once. The man told and confirmed that the screen is showing a big balance in her SBI account in Meerut. 

The husband of the woman Ziledar Singh said that his wife is employed in a transformer manufacturing company where she is engaged as a packager in the packaging department drawing a meagre salary of Rs. 5,000 per month.

Ziledar Singh informed to the media that he has already posted a mail to PMO on December 26 and solicited help in resolving their problem. He has also attached a copy of the ATM slips and bank passbook along with his letter.

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