5 Best Yoga Asanas to Get Relief from a Migraine

By : 07-Apr-2017
yoga for migraine

A migraine and cluster headaches are the symptomatic clinical conditions followed by acute pain, nausea, and sensitivity in the forehead region.

Yoga Asana is a five thousand years old spiritual and ascetic technique that leads us to the state of bliss and tranquillity. Yoga is an amalgamation of breathing, meditation, and adoption of bodily postures for the attainment of good health and wellbeing.

Yoga postures can cure the painful effects of a migraine. It is obligatory for the patients with a migraine to religiously practice the simple and the effective yoga technique to resolve the pinching migraine attacks. The condition of Migraines can further invigorate to an extent of exhaustion and that makes the treatment tougher and challenging.

Here are the best-known Yoga Asanas to relieve the Migraine attack

1. Forward Virasana

Step 1: Sit down on your knees in such a way that there exist wide gap in between the two knees

Step 2: Lower yourself towards the earth with your tailbone lengthening back

Step 3:  Extend your hands along the direction of the head

Step 4: Let your forehead rest on the floor while breathing deep all through the course.

Step 5. Repeat and relax

2. Adho Mukha Svanasana (The V-Shaped Downward Dog Posture)

Step 1: Set your thighs and spine to an angle of 90°

Step 2: Make an inverted V-shape bend by resting your hands and foot on the floor while raising your buttocks to an agreeable height. Hold it to this position as best as you can

Step 3: Repeat and relax

3. Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide Angle Forward Bend)

Step 1: While standing, set your feet wide apart on the rug

Step 2: Take your arms to your ankles while bending your elbows

Step 3: Assist yourself in placing your head over the earth.

Step 4: Tuck your chin in your chest in such a way that you get to gaze your navel

Step 5: Repeat and relax

4. Uttanasana (Forward Bend)

Step 1: Stand straight while exerting even weight on both of your feet

Step 2: Take a deep dive to touch your heels

Step 3: Tuck your tailbone under and let your spine bend a little forward

Step 5: Let the chin touch your chest

Step 6: Gently bring your palms down while letting your fingers sleep on the floor

Step 7: Relax, breathe and repeat

5. Janusirsasana (Head to Knee Posture)

Step 1: Sit with legs long on the floor

Step 2: Fold your right leg while tucking the heel in the groin region

Step 3: Press the stem of your backbone into the earth

Step 4:  Bend your thorax region towards the floor

Step 5: Let your hands hold your feet firmly

Step 6: Exert force on your backbone while stretching outwards so as to make an arch out of it

Step 7: Keep the process of inhalation and exhalation going

Step 8: Repeat and relax

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