5 Yoga Stills that will Help you Fight Depression

By : 01-Apr-2017
 Yoga Stills to Fight Depression

Nowadays, everybody is busy with a working itinerary. It is the main reason to become a victim of depression easily. Since it is physiological problem, yoga can be the best tool to come out of psychosomatics that people face in their day-to-day lives. So, I would like to suggest you yoga styles that can fight depression.   

Yoga is a unique physical activity that can shape body, control health issues, give tranquillity to the soul. There are different forms of yoga asanas and some are very effective in curing depression and bring back deprived people to normalcy. Currently, people from all parts of the world have adapted yoga asanas since they give more than expected results within less time. Please take a look and start practising.

1. Padmasana

It is popularly practised by health aficionados. You have to sit on a yoga mat in comfortable cross-legged position. You just sit for a long time as much as you can by closing eyes. You feel relaxed and have a peace of mind. You can balance stress and fight depression with Padmasana.   

2. Viparita Karani

Lie down on your back, legs spread straight and rest your hands on the floor. Stay maximum time that you can. Close eyes and relax, try to focus on your breathing, it gives the ultimate result to fight depression. Your mind and body will be relaxed than ever.

3. Matsyasana

This asana looks like a fish shape. Lie down on the floor and lift your chest from the floor. Lift your head too along with chest and place your hands beside the body. Close your eye and relax. It is said to be one of the best poses to overcome overwhelming depression. Within a short time, you would see great results. You can fight depression easily with yoga asanas.

4. Setu bandh

Most of the rehabilitation centres in India and abroad have suggested this asana practice as it can heal and depression. Lie down on the floor and lift your body on legs and head. Keep both hands on the ground. Remain and relax for some time in the same position. Focus on the pose to fight depression.    

5. Shavasana


It looks like a dead body but you know it is the best relaxation pose which everybody likes. Just relax on your back, your body, legs, hands, and head should free and loose. You feel comfortable and out of the stress and depression. It likes a new realm for people during the time of practising this asana.  You can observe that Shavasana pose is the best to fight depression.

Now, you can say no to depression. Yoga is one of the best ways to away from physical and mental diseases. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for visiting physiologists and psychiatrists. You can practice at your leisure time and enjoy the yoga asanas to get relaxed from life-threatening depression. 

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