Facebook's Founder Denies Pilferage of Virtual Reality Technology For Oculus

By : 18-Jan-2017
Zuckerberg,Virtual Reality

Mark Zuckerberg while appearing in court had defended against allegations that Oculus Rift's virtual reality technology was robbed.  Whether the key technologies deployed in the virtual reality headset were abstracted from ZeniMax Media or not remained the heart of the petition.

Zuckerberg said that Oculus products were crafted and created from its own technological use.

Denying the accusations that either Facebook or Oculus had stolen the technology of ZeniMax Media.

The arbitration arguments from the ZeniMax lawyers claimed that Facebook rushed through its review of Oculus when it purchased the firm for $2.3 billion (£1.9bn) back in 2014.

The public jury trial round began in Dallas on January 9 with ZeniMax seeking $2bn (£1.6bn) in return of the damages per VentureBeat.

ZeniMax had directly accused Carmack of theft claiming that he alone stole data from the company in his absence.

ZeniMax also blamed Carmack who violated his company’s employee agreement and confidentiality clauses.

In its 2016 revised complaint sheet, ZeniMax alleged Carmack  to have transferred or copied thousands of documents from a system at ZeniMax to a USB storage device that had lead to the termination of the Carmack's employment.

Tony Sammi, ZeniMax's legal representatives called Facebook's acquisition of Oculus which is one of the biggest technology heists ever in the past.

Luckey the co-founder of Oculus drew in $2.4m on crowdfunding site Kick starter to manufacture the first development kits.

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